Anymade Studio

Jan Jindra: Charles Bridge
Hardcover binding, 245 × 340, 120 pgs
Text Erik Tabery, Tomáš Pospěch, Jan Jindra
ISBN: 9788090835900, Published by BiggBoss

It is easy to get lost on Charles Bridge. It doesn’t matter at which tower one jumps into the current, but you can be sure that it will whisk you away and you will soon lose sight of where you are. Details blur, colours merge, sounds bounce off each other – and if you’re not careful, the current will toss you ashore like a castaway, on the opposite bank. But if you make another attempt, more carefully this time, another world will appear. And another bridge. This is because the bridge changes every day, every hour, borrowing various shapes and faces from the shimmering mass of people.

The photographic publication presents the unique Charles Bridge as we know it but do not see it. Jindra unobtrusively follows the society passing through this structure, capturing bizarre moments, romantic destinies, or obscene scenes of freedom. As a "lost photographer", Jindra visually communicates the aesthetic contrast between modern times and the form of architecture whose building stone was laid in 1357.

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