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Jiří Thýn: Silence, Torso, the Present
Hardcover binding, 175 × 245, 164 pgs
ISBN: 9788070091982, Published by Prague City Gallery

Jiří Thýn’s exhibition at the House of Photography follows on his earlier exhibition Archetypes, Space, Abstraction, held ten years ago at Prague City Gallery’s spaces on the second floor of Old Town Hall. For Silence, Torso, the Present, Thýn has let himself be inspired by the interwar avant-garde sculptor Hana Wichterlová (1903–1990). The simple form, organicity, dynamism, and internal integrity of four of Wichterlová’s sculptures – Portrait of Vincenc Makovský (1928), Composition (1929–1930), Bud (1932), and Pit (1964) – formed the basis for Thýn’s photograms and multiple exposures.

Thýn combines photography with installations, text, and video. In his work, he explores the medium of photography as such, its interdisciplinary possibilities, and other subjects such as space and composition. He combines traditional photographic methods with a contemporary post-conceptual approach and also explores and investigates various photographic techniques. Curated by Sandra Baborovská

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