Anymade Studio

Alfons Mucha
The Slav Epic 19.7. – 13.1.2019
Municipal House

We designed the identity of The Slav Epic exhibition as part of the visual style for the Prague City Gallery. The exhibition space of the Municipal House is one of the most representative in Prague and its Art Nouveau character is very closely related to Alfons Mucha’s decorative work. It gives a very suitable backdrop for huge paintings of The Slav Epic series. For the specific conditions of the exhibition halls of the Municipal House, we have opted for such technical solution that allows to present the canvases from both sides. It reveals how the monumental canvases are mounted on the frame, and the viewers can closely inspect the quality of the work performed. The architecture of the exhibition has been designed by the Qubus Studio led by Jakub Berdych, and the graphic design was made by Anymade.

Images 16 Year 2019