Anymade Studio

Flags of Peace
Trapped in Suburbia

Flags of Peace forms a visual dialogue on peace by inviting designers from across the globe to create a peace flag. Project by Trapped in Suburbia. Flags of Peace was also part of Today's Art - one of the Netherlands' largest contemporary art festivals.
Flags of Peace invites over forty reputable designers and artists from over forty different countries to propose their solutions to this undetermined icon. These newly created flags will be showcased at De Pier in The Hague where they will present an impression of what peace means to individuals in all corners of the world and how it should be symbolised. The exhibition forms a visual dialogue on peace and is an ongoing project which aims to collect a design from every country in the world. Flags of Peace wishes to ask the questions: What defines peace? How should it be portrayed? What should a peace flag achieve? And does it even need a flag?

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