Anymade Studio

Shadi Harouni
Soft cover binding, 18 × 27, 40 pgs
ISBN: 978–80–7010–140–7

Catalogue for the exhibition in Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace (Prague City Gallery). The starting point for Shadi Harouni’s work is her personal experience of a post-war and post-revolutionary Iran, as well as a close study of the Islamic regime’s relationship towards images, architecture, memory, and the human body. Harouni’s work combines the personal and the political with a sense for universal human need for rememberance. As an émigré, she returns to Iran, time and again, in an attempt at finding her place within the struggle for the past and the future of a country that is and is not her home. In the videos, installations, photographs, and prints presented in the exhibition I Dream the Mountain Is Still Whole, Harouni explores the ways in which political power attempts to silence inconvenient voices and hide unpleasant facts.

Images 14 Year 2018