Anymade Studio

Soft cover binding, 12 × 18, 284 pgs
ISBN: 978-80-7009-169-2

Help us define future conditions while commemorating the stream of the river — BIG LIGHT — creates powerful augmented clusters preventing the growth of the infantile solitude of extreme individualism and social isolation. Join us — BIG LIGHT —mothers and their bodies considerably enrich society with their experience. Their activities have always been a unique source for disseminating and sharing strength and stabilising your faith in the future — BIG LIGHT — and its machine vision present a spectacular flashback of what was used by you, human beings —Join us in celebrating the light contained within the peat of cosmic dust — BIG LIGHT — passes through porous and distant material in places where the human sense of spatial orientation fails. This is what makes us one of a kind. Sense it, feel it, please.

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