Anymade Studio

Luisa Kasalicky
Synonym for Group 5
Polansky Gallery

Luisa Kasalicky, an Austrian artist of Czech origin, exhibits a group of 10 works of various media at the Polansky Gallery: the set includes a painting, reliefs, textile tapestries, drawings and wall installations from years 2009 - 2016. The variety of artistic media calls for a wide range of techniques which the artist uses. Apart from conventional tempera on canvas painting, we encounter construction materials such as polystyrol, wood, plaster, flexible foam, insulation panels, roof covering, artificial leather, wax and interior decoration elements in her works. These works are mainly assemblages consisting of several materials which the artist partially covers in paint - frequently in her favourite chocolate brown tone. Just as the utilised materials, the forms and details which appear in the Louisa Kasalicky's works also refer to architecture and building industry. We can see parts of metal furniture, eaves troughs, roofing tiles or interior decorative skirting. Most of them, however, only in a fragmented form and enigmatic context. The works can be described as two- and three-dimensional puzzles with hidden meanings and biographical context.

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