Anymade Studio

Brno Art Open: Sculptures in the Streets
7 . 6. – 27. 8. 2017

The sixth edition of the festival Sculptures in the Streets–Brno Art Open , with the motto “Dichtung und Wahrheit” (“Poetry and Truth”) develop the theme of “visual art and its function in public space”. Our contradictory approach to truth is one of the most visible paradoxes of today’s world. On the one hand, we insist that there is no room for subjectivity when searching for truth, and we reject anything other than presumably rational arguments. On the other hand, however, we have neither the strength nor the desire to verify the arguments, and easily accept instant solutions skilfully wrapped in quasi-objective language. We live in a post-factual period, so we do not seek the truth, but merely confirmation of our own prejudices. The show also focuses on related topics, especially on the relationship between art and science, or generally speaking on the clash of poetic and exact (mechanical) thinking. Hence also Goethe’s expression “Dichtung und Wahrheit” (Poetry and Truth) in the motto of the festival, providing a framework for grasping the contradictory position of art in the contemporary world. A position burdened with the past, which results in a number of misunderstandings in terms of different claims and expectations of the artist on the one hand, and the audience on the other…

Images 13 Year 2017