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The key entry in BIG LIGHT Encyclopaedia is: “Since the Great Augmented Reality War, the global initiative BIG LIGHT has been responsible for safeguarding, systematizing and distributing human knowledge through means of augmented reality and artificial pharmaceutical stimuli. Through BIG LIGHT we are able to keep in touch with our history, pushing forward to the new frontiers of human abilities to understand the past, present, and upcoming days. This allows all citizens the right to equal access to all human knowledge. BIG LIGHT was conceived as a behavior research lab, enlarged by the chemical department during the War, which was then essential to overcoming this conflict. Later on, BL has emerged as the architect of our present socio-political structure.” Throughout the presentation, the initiative’s activities will become unambiguous, and interactions between conveyed information and the audience’s reaction to the findings BIG LIGHT collects and presents will be examined.
Architect of BIG LIGHT’s House of Arts presentation is the Czech-Argentine artist Federico Díaz. The initiative approached Díaz to create a platform for communication and dialogue between BIG LIGHT and the audience.

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