Anymade Studio

Lunchmeat Festival presents: Clark & Evelyn Bencicova
Convent of st. Agnes Bohemia

Lunchmeat Festival presents Clark & Evelyn Bencicova photography in a site-specific version of their mysterious and morbidly beautiful AV project. Comissioned by MIRA Festival, Clark’s performance will feature specially created visual work by Slovak artists Evelyn Bencicova & Jakub Gavalier, and will be constructed around new material and some of his classic tracks. The event is located in one of the most important Gothic buildings in Prague Convent of st. Agnes Bohemia which was founded around 1230 AD. Lineup: Clark & Evelyn Bencicova, LOFN & Gabriela Prochazka & Jindriska Krivankova present Forbidden, Trauma & oxoo present Nihil, Scannt, Fractions, Dash, Stanislav Glazov 🍀

Images 20 Year 2020