Anymade Studio

Anna Hulačová, Zsófie Keresztes, František Janoušek
Softcover binding, 23 × 34, 52 pgs
ISBN: 978–80–7010–145–2

The exhibition presents the Czech artist Anna Hulačová (hunt kastner Gallery, Prague) and her Hungarian artist Zsófie Keresztes (Gianni Manhattan Gallery, Vienna). They both develop on the Surrealist tendencies which climaxed in the 1930s and, simultaneously, on the apprehension and the omnipresent threat of the destruction of humanity in the result of human behavior. The exhibition title refers to the Greek notion of “éntomos”, which later gave the name “éntoma” to the insect. The two artists see the omen of the human catastrophe in today’s ecological crisis, witnessing the gradual extinction of bees and other insects. Curated by Sandra Baborovska, Prague City Gallery, Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace, 3rd floor (21. 11. 2018 – 3. 3. 2019)

Images 21 Year 2019