Anymade Studio

After late for Pro: Officework
8th September – 10th November 2017
Meet Factory, Prague

The exhibition After late for Pro: Officework is built on a productive tension between “fine“ and “applied” art, which is personified by the artist Igor Hosnedl and graphic designers Anymade Studio (Petr Cabalka and Filip Nerad). In the process of preparing the exhibition, both interested parties held an intense dialogue, while abandoning their “comfort zones” of their usual ways of doing things, their starting point being the spectrum of motives repeatedly appearing in Hosnedl’s drawings. On this basis the Anymade Studio aimed, employing graphical means, to install a spatial exhibition of monumental prints. Hosnedl again experiments with a translation of painting and drawing forms into a three-dimensional object-composition. This multilayered collaboration strives, among other things, at blurring the traditionally conceived boundaries between the “subordination” of one discipline to the other and put to question the expectations of how the outputs of these disciplines should be presented.
Curator: Tereza Jindrová

Images 11 Year 2017